Our online student training tool is a user-friendly, web-based application customised to your specifications. Use GibbleSMS at any time, from any location. All you need is a Mobile Device or Desktop computer and access to the internet. GibbleSMS is perfect for any size Training Organisation and supports apprenticeship and traineeship management with enhanced functionality.

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Gibble Student Management System is perfect for any size Training Organisation and supports traineeship management with enhanced functionality.

Perfect for any size Training Organisation and supports traineeship management with enhanced functionality.

gibbles Features

Employer Portal

A portal for employers to access their student and/or apprentice’s resources online. This includes but is not limited to Attendance: Employers will be able to view the student’s attendance and automatically be notified if they are absent via email or SMS. Progress reports on demand: At any time an employer will be able to view live information on the students’ progress and which competencies the student is currently working on. Student assessment records signoff online: Which will also include email reminders of what items are still remaining for the employer to attend to.

Record Assessment Books Online

We have built generic templates which competency assessment record books can be set up. This will allow electronic availability and signoff. These templates are available for institutes to start populating. This eliminates printing costs and has the ability to be produced on demand. Sample questions and answers are available to be set up to assist trainers when doing on-site assessments.

No More Rigid Desktop Applications

Gone are the days of slow and clunky desktop applications, GibbleSMS is a smooth and responsive web-based solution which is fully online so you aren't stuck in the past and can focus on what really matters.

Complete Document Management

Manage and Track Student Results with ease using our Gibble system. Add notes, generate reports and more.

Manage Student Enrolments

Manages the entire enrolment process from forms to processing, emails and letters, student ID and more.

• Complete Enrolment Forms
• Sign up Students on-site
• Enrolment Fees
• Employer Contracts
• Digital Signature
• Tick Sheet with core
• Competencies/streams and electives
• Avoid duplication

Paperless Reporting

Automatically generate reports in a PDF format
• Email updates and reports
• Save the document online
• Automatically or locally in user’s computer
• Report straight to employers from the system
• Send attendance and progress reports directly to an employer from our system


The Gibble application has direct links into systems such as Banner and QLS which retrieves read-only access to the following information. (Write access is available to be designed if required) We are keen on having all the information in one place so there is no doubling up where possible. There have been audit tools created to identify if student results are entered directly into your internal SMS that has not passed through the Gibble to make sure both systems are up to date. Once results are completed in the online learning portal, signed off on-site or manually put into the Gibble upload file processes directly into your internal SMS application. These are designed specifically to meet your SMS requirements.

Link to training.gov.au

Setting up Courses from training.gov.au can be somewhat time-consuming. We have incorporated the available plugin into our Gibble applications to simplify this process by importing course setup information.


• Lead the entire training plan creation process
• Allows generic training plan usage
• Allows changing the competency levels
• Training plan validation package rules

Import Students

Moving to our system can be a breeze with our bulk import tools. GibbleSMS supports the bulk importation of Delta and various other SMS (Banner, QLS, TEAMS) data meaning minimal effort to switch to our advanced system. We also are happy to work with you to import any sort of existing data structure that you might already have so that you get the data you need in the system you use.

Moodle Result Automatic Extracting System

The Problem: Many systems have been designed to run side by side with Moodle. A manual process is required to transfer the information from Moodle into a Student Management System via reporting or manually logging into each system and synchronising the results. Our Solution: We have designed our system so that it integrates directly with your Moodle to automatically transfer the results from the online learning platform into your SMS.

Unleash Your Training Organisations Full Potential

*sample only. For a full demonstration contact us at info@gibble.com.au

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